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TeX is a low-level markup and programming language created by Donald Knuth2 to typeset documents attractively and consistently. Knuth started writing the TeX typesetting engine in 1977 to explore the potential of the digital printing equipment that was beginning to
infiltrate the publishing industry at that time, especially in the hope that he could reverse the trend of deteriorating typographical quality that he saw affecting his own books and articles. Seguir lendo

Open Data Structures (An Introduction) Pat Morin

Morin (Pat).
Open Data Structures (An Introduction)

isbn 978-1-927356-38-8(pbk.).
isbn 978-1-927356-39-5 (pdf).
isbn 978-1-927356-40-1(epub)

Moitas empresas multimillonarias foron construídas en torno ás estruturas de datos. ¿Como pode ser iso?
Se pararmos a pensar sobre elo, decataremonos que interactuamos con estruturas de datos constantemente. Seguir lendo