How to Prepare for a Linux SysAdmin Job Interview #jobs

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Data: 2015

A quick search on alone, reveals more than 50,000 job openings requesting Linux SysAdmin skills on any given day. No wonder, then, that the majority of Linux professionals surveyed in The Linux Foundation’s 2015 Linux Jobs Report said it will be “very easy” or “fairly easy” to land new opportunities this year – skilled talent is in short supply.
If you’re just starting your Linux career, however, getting hired may not seem so simple. Without much work experience or a list of advanced skills to tout, recruiters likely aren’t flooding your inbox or voicemail with requests. It’s harder to get a foot in the door at your first Linux job than it will be to stay gainfully employed – and handsomely rewarded – in this field.
The good news is that technical experience isn’t the most important qualification that companies look for in SysAdmins. To be sure, entry-level job titles such as Junior System Administrator, Systems Support Engineer, or Site Reliability Engineer Level 1, come with a set of expected skills such as a basic knowledge of Linux, how to create users and give privileges, configure and manage systems, and set up storage and networking functions. And top-tier companies such as Twitter, Google, Oracle, and SUSE that hire for these positions often ask job candidates to complete a technical test or challenge to demonstrate their knowledge. But such tests often serve as an efficient way to screen candidates before advancing them to what is, arguably, the more critical test: a job interview.
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